Renewable Energy Products

Batteries (Deep Cycle and Lithium Ion)

FreedomWon    PylonTech    BlueNova   Synapse    Hubble    Shoto   Vision   Delta

Inverters, Charge Controllers, Battery Monitors

Victron   GroWatt    SMA  •  Fronius   Mecer  •    Synapse   GoodWe   Solar Edge    Studer    Solar Edge

Solar Geysers (and Retrofit Kits)

Flat Plate   Tube   Retrofit

High Pressure   Low Pressure

PV Installation Accessories

PV Cable   Battery Cable   MC4 Connectors   Combiner Boxes   Switches

Solar Pumps (DC and AC/DC Hybrid)

Screw Type   Centrifugal

Submersible Borehole Pumps   Pool Pumps

Renewable Energy Products

PV Panels (Mono and Poly) and Mounting Structures

Canadian Solar   JA Solar  ARTsolar  DESERV

Tile Roof   Corrugated Roof   IBR Roof   Flat Roof  Ground Mount

High Voltage Panels   High Efficiency Panels


Volvo    Scania    Perkins   Cummins    IVECO    Baudouin    Kohler SDMO

Motors and Gearboxes

AC Induction Motors  •  DC Motors  •  Single-Phase   3-Phase  •  2, 4, 6 8 Pole

IE 1, 2, 3, 4   Cast Iron   Aluminium    Squirrel Cage   Foot Mount

Flange Mount    Geared Motor Units

Electrical Cables

General Purpose House Wire    Flat Twin and Earth  •  PVC Cabtyre  •  Ripcord

Single Core Flex    Submersible Pump Cable   PVC Cable    Interdac

Underground Cable    Single Core Cable    Three Core Cable    Panel Wire

Bare Copper Earth Wire    House Service Connection Cable


Junction Boxes    DB Boxes    Keypad Boxes    Pool Boxes    Distribution Boxes and Boards    Steel Enclosures with Device Plates    Meter Boxes

Water Pumps

Domestic Pump Series

Gasoline Water Pumps   Diesel Water Pumps    Toilet Shredder Pumps

Pool Pumps    Garden Submersible Pumps  •  Submersible Fountain Pumps

Domestic Sewage Pumps    Domestic Sewage Pumps with Cutter

Hot Water Circulation Pumps    EVP Vertical Multi Stage Pumps

Commercial Pump Series

Vertical Multistage Pumps  •  Monoblock Centrifugal Pumps    PTO Pumps

Stainless Steel Monoblock Pumps   End Suction Bare Shaft Pumps

Commercial Sewage Pumps   Commercial Sewage Pumps with Grinder

Horizontal Centrifugal Pumps Series

Self-Priming Jet Pumps    Deep Well Jet Pumps

Single Stage Centrifugal Pumps    Stainless Steel Open Impeller Pumps

Horizontal Multi Stage Pumps  •  Stainless Steel Horizontal Multi Stage Pumps

Self Priming High Volume Pumps

Industrial Pump Series

Submersible Sewage Pumps    Industrial Dewatering Pumps

Industrial Slurry Pumps with Agitator    Drainage Pump with Agitator

Submersible Borehole Series

3” Submersible Pump and Motor

4” Submersible Pumps    4” Oil Cooled Submersible Motors

6” Submersible Pumps   6” Submersible Water Cooled Pumps


Horizontal Pressure Tanks    Vertical Pressure Tanks   Sensory Equipment

Pivot Irrigation Products

Percentage Timer    Coupler  •  Collector Ring •  Micro Switches •  Sprinklers/Nozzles

Gear Motors

G15-43 - 1.5hp   G15-57 - 1.5hp   G75-43 - 0.75hp   G75-34 - 0.75hp

Wheel Gear Boxes

50:1 Non-Towable   50:1 Towable

Transformers (Full Copper)

400VA 400V to 110V & 24V   400VA 400V to 240V & 24V   500VA 400V to 110V & 24V   300VA 400V to 110V & 24V

AC Contactors

2-Pole   3-Pole   4-Pole

Tower Boxes

Lindsay   Valley

Last   Last-to-end   Intermediate

Water Flow Meters (Ultrasonic)

Standard Meter

DIN rail mounted IP20 display unit   2 x Medium sensors   Pipe clamps   2 x 10m lengths of outdoor shielded instrument cable   24VDC power supply required

Quick Install Meter

Display unit mounted in IP55 plastic enclosure with M12 plugs   2 x Medium sensors fitted with M12 plugs   2 x 5m shielded cables with M12 plugs (10 m lengths available)   Pipe clamps   Pipe mounting bracket   No wiring is required (considerable time on site is saved)   24VDC power supply required


Pressure Transmitters

Supply Power: 24V DC   Output: 4-20mA   Accuracy: 1.0% F.S   Cable Length: 6m

Pressure Transmitter